We offer quality Equine Assisted Therapeutic services by Board Certified Therapists and Certified Equine Specialists to individuals, families, and children. Since 2009 we have contracted with the County of San Bernardino and have been providing services to children in the Foster Care System, Juveniles on Probation, and various individuals, and families throughout the high desert.

Full Circle Ranch has been responding to the many needs of people struggling with ADHD,addiction, anxiety, depression,learning difficulties and trauma related stressors. Our powerful, calm, compassionate, and effective model of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy can help individuals and families gain:

Respect for self and others

Improved communication and social skills

Boundary setting

Empathy towards others

Impulse control and confidence

Responsibility and accountability

Problem solving and cooperation

Honesty and trust

Instant feedback on behaviors by staff and horses 

Horses typically weigh anywhere between 800-2500 pounds. Learning to trust such large and often intimidating animals requires patience, skill, and confidence.

We keep our fees affordable, subsidizing each student and offering financial aid to individuals and families who demonstrate the need for assistance. 

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